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Education Narrative

The only long-term solution to alleviate poverty and uplift a deprived community is education. The long-term benefits of education are widespread and help elevate a community’s social standing, intellectual capacity, and financial prosperity. Al Kauser firmly believes that helping those of our youths that have enormous talent but no means to pursue higher education and professional qualifications, will enable self-sustenance, a sense of pride, and achievement not only for individuals but for the entire community.

Over the last several years, Al Kauser is highly focused on financial support to individual talented students in Pakistan, India, and other countries. With help from its generous donors, Al Kauser has been providing funds to several primary and secondary schools, as well as giving grants and scholarships to many highly talented students pursuing higher education and vocational training in some of the most prestigious educational establishments in Pakistan, these include NED University, Dow Medical College, Sindh Medical College, Institute of Business Administration and the University of Karachi. Some of Al Kauser’s sponsored students are record holders.

As Al Kauser’s donor base has been increasing year-over-year, it is proportionally increasing the number of sponsorships. In 2021, AK spent $152645on education with sponsorship to 500 students pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees in Science, Technology, Medicine, and Business Administration. Al Kauser works with several local collaborative organizations to carefully vet scholarship applications to identify talented students who have secured acceptance at recognized and prestigious educational institutes but lack funding to continue their studies. To mitigate fraudulent activities in its scholarship program, in most cases, Al Kauser has made arrangements to make students’ tuition fee payments directly to the educational institutes.

Al Kauser strives to increase its donor base to expand its education program by supporting more students in more countries and cities.

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