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How Al Kauser Began

All praise be to Allah who is praised for His Bounties, worshipped for His Might, obeyed for His Reign, and feared for His Majesty. May His Blessings be on His Beloved Prophet Mohammad (SAWS) & his purified household.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Assalam o Alaikum,

A little more than 10 years ago, we established this organization as a platform to address educational and social problems in our community. As part of our initial research, we realized that the community is blessed with several grassroots organizations working for all aspects of community welfare all over the world. We did, however, find a lack of coordination and communication among these organizations. We also realized that there is a lack of open conversation on these topics between the organizations and our community members at large. Since then, we have dedicated all our efforts to establish these communication bridges among all stakeholders in the community.

We consider coordination, collaboration, or even a simple exchange of ideas to be a force multiplier for our community’s efforts for progress and prosperity. We interpret the Quranic term Kauser to mean “the source of abundant good” as Takathur or Katheer which usually refer to something in “abundance”. Our efforts, though small and little in quantity, are hoped to have the potential of becoming this source of several goods. We hope that Allah (SWT) accepts our efforts, provides us the wisdom to organize our affairs, gives us the strength to do as needed, and showers these efforts with His unlimited Mercy.

Every year, Al Kauser receives more and more requests for help from our partner organizations and community members in need. We are indebted to you for your consideration.